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Date Night Movies

Movies to watch on a Date NightWhat better way to spend time with your girlfriend or boyfriend on a date night than watching a movie? How about a love story that you can watch while spending time alone, or an adventure where you can both feel emotional and burst into laughter while watching in the romantic comedy genre? Are you tired of typical, well-worn romantic comedy movies? Don't you want to watch another couple who apparently tells about the efforts of the two lovers to be together but are kept separate by a complicated situation and finally get married by eliminating this obstacle, then we suggest you take a look at our carefully selected collection for you.

2. Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011)


On the outside, Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) has a perfect life: he has a perfect job, a great home, and his youthful love has become his wife, giving him lovely children. Cal awakens from this American dream by learning that his wife Emily (Julianne Moore) is cheating on him and, moreover, wants to divorce.
Now a lonely man in his 40s, Cal is not as good at flirtatious as young Jacob (Ryan Gosling). Jacob, whom he met at a bar, will teach Cal the tricks of living a single life. Trying to balance his relationship with his adolescent children, Cal finds himself trying to solve a love triangle.

5. Carol (2015)


Living in the beauty of her middle age, Carol leads a life in New York in the 1950s that many American women would envy. Although she is married, she wants to divorce her husband and is fighting to get custody of her daughter. Therese is a young woman just at the beginning of her life. She works as a store clerk in a boutique, filling her days in an ordinary way, looking for her identity in this huge city. The paths of these two worldly women, Carol and Therese, intersect in this luxury boutique in Manhattan. As soon as Carol sees Therese, she is struck by the young woman's beauty.
Having to spend Thanksgiving alone, Carol invites Therese on a spontaneous road trip to unfamiliar geographies. The two women will fall in love with each other in an unexpected attraction during this journey but America is still in 1952 and there is no place for this forbidden love in Carol's community.

6. The Notebook (2004)


A love story told from an old notebook and coming from years ago. A young girl arrives in the seaside town of Seabrook in North Carolina, USA in the 40s. Dreaming of a quiet summer with her family, Allie gets closer to Noah, whom she met at a carnival. When Noah sees the girl, he realizes that he is the man who should have reunited his life. The young girl has a dreamy summer without thinking about the future, even though a wealthy family arrives and the boy is a worker at the mill, and they fall in love thoroughly. II. In a time when World War II heats up, life separates lovers. Noah returns from war, having never forgotten his beloved girl. Yet Allie is about to marry Lon, whom she met at a military hospital where she volunteered.

7. P.S. I Love You (2007)


The fact that a man will go away due to an illness is not something he can easily bear, while he has completely surrendered to the man he loves and has built the meaning of his whole life on him and even breathing with him. Holly is in love with her husband and one day Gery learns that he has a fatal illness. All she wants is to make life easier for Holly after her. On this occasion, he writes many letters to his wife before he dies. Thanks to these letters, Holly will learn to hold on to life again.

8. Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019)


Marianne is a young painter living on an isolated island. One day, the young woman is assigned to paint the wedding portrait of Heloise, who has just left the monastery. However, Heloise should not be aware that her portrait was made. Marianne has to fulfill her task to the letter, so she decides to watch Heloise during the day and paint her portrait at night. This causes Heloise, who is reluctantly about to marry, to spend her last free moments with Marianne, before the upcoming wedding. As the two women spend time together, an unexpected intimacy occurs between them.

10. Holidate (2020)


It tells the story of Sloane (Emma Roberts) and Jackson, who hate the holidays. Judged by their families on holiday days for being alone, the two grapple with strange dates that they don't like. After meeting each other, they have a genius idea. They decide to pretend they are lovers with each other for all the holidays for a year.

12. Silver Linings Playbook (2012)


Pat Solotano (Bradley Cooper) is a man who always looks at the full side of the glass, believing that "There is something good in everything." Pat, who remains in the mental hospital after his wife leaves him for another man, is determined to get his wife back and put her life back on track. Trying to never let himself be upset, Pat moves in with his parents and devotes himself to trying to be the kind of man his wife wants. However, this is a difficult challenge. Until she met Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a beautiful young woman whose life was not going the way she wanted.

13. After (2019)


It tells the story of a young girl whose life changes after meeting a mysterious young man. A college student Tessa is a sweet, well-meaning young girl. She was just in the first semester of her first year at college after her high school graduation and quickly adapted. All is well in the life of Tessa, who has excellent lecture notes, a comfortable life and a lovely lover. Loyal to her boyfriend she has been with since high school, Tessa works passionately to have a good future. However, her controlled life, which she established with loyalty to his lover, responsibility for her lessons and respect for her family, is turned upside down when she meets a young boy named Hardin Scott. Hardin, a mysterious man, is quite different from Tessa. An indescribable bond emerges between Tessa and the young man, who is being involved in Tessa's sheltered life causes her to question all her values ​​and herself. Tessa will establish a bond with Hardin, with whom she discovers sexuality, which she has never had with anyone.

14. Bliss (2021)


Greg's life is not very good. Greg, who has recently divorced his wife, is also fired from his job. His life takes a different turn when he meets Isabel, a mysterious woman living on the streets. Isabel believes she is living in a simulation. Greg initially found Isabel's theory unrealistic, but soon discovers that her mad theory may have some truth.

15. The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021)


A smart teenager, Mark is stuck in a time loop. Over and over again, Mark meets the mysterious young girl Margaret, who is trapped in the same time cycle as her. Deciding to act together, Mark and Margaret decide to find what makes a day great. A different bond forms between Mark and Margaret as they try to figure out how to get out of their never-ending days.

16. 365 Days - 365 days (2020)


Young and handsome Massimo Torricelli, a member of the Sicilian Mafia family, succeeds him after his father is murdered. Laura, a young woman, works as a sales director at a luxury hotel in Warsaw. Things do not go well in Laura's private life, who is very successful in her career. Taking one last chance in her relationship with her boyfriend Martin, Laura goes to Sicily with her boyfriend and a few friends. This trip causes Laura's life to change. In Sicily, Laura, whose path crosses with Massimo, is kidnapped by the island's most dangerous man. Massimo gives Laura 365 days to fall in love with her.

17. Hitch (2005)


Love doctor Alex Hitchens helps men find the woman of their life by helping them flirt. Sara works as a gossip columnist for a New York newspaper. Both are highly equipped as opposite sexes. Despite the incongruity of their nature, Alex and Sara begin a relationship. Things start to get complicated when the last person Sara's focus is on, Alex's client. The movie, which shines with names such as Will Smith and Eva Mendes, meets its audience in a romantic comedy not to be missed.

18. To All the Boys I've Loved Before (2018)


Lara Jean is a young girl who is sixteen years old. As happens to every young girl, her heart beats for others. But his relationships are just letters he wrote. Lara has written a letter for every child she loves. The young girl comfortably transfers her feelings that she could never tell, knowing that no one can read it. She has five letters she hasn't sent to anyone so far, and she keeps the letters she wrote in a box in her room. But one day she faces an unexpected situation. Lara's secret love letters are mysteriously mailed to their owners. The love life under Lara's control was suddenly derailed. The men she loves have learned what Lara thinks of them now; Moreover, all at the same time. So who sent these letters?

20. To All the Boys: Always and Forever (2021)


Lara Jean lives the best summer of her life. Her relationship with her boyfriend Peter continues well. Meanwhile, her father decides to marry with her neighbors. Taking care of the wedding preparations, Lara is also happy that her brother Margot is also coming home for summer vacation. However, in this intense pace, Lara also has to make important decisions about her own life. Faced with the situation of leaving her home for the university, Lara fears about what her relationship will be with Peter in this process.